Innerdalen “Norway’s most beautiful valley”

Innerdal Tower, Omsdal, Norway

Innerdal Tower, Omsdal, Norway

The valley Innerdalen lies north of and runs parallel to Sunndalen. Go to Alvundeid (southeast of Kristiansund) and then the local road up Virumdalen to Nerdal (free parking). From there on you walk on a “tractor road”, four kilometers to Innerdalshytta, a little shorter to Renndølsetra. The road is rough and narrow and the first part is very steep. This road is closed for all but the residents’ motor vehicles and four-wheel-drive is indispensable.Please note that there are several valleys called Innerdalen. The one in question lies in Nordmore.

Tourist buses to Innerdalen! God forbid!

Innerdalen valley beautiful meander

Innerdalen valley beautiful meander

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